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Join us for Awapuni Movie Night!

Wednesday 29th of March from 5:30pm at Awapuni Park showing'Together we Grow' - a 40-minute movie that tells the story of a thriving hub helping to build resilience into its local community by growing, sewing, repairing and sharing. Be inspired, motivated and informed by what they are doing!

This is a free event. Bring your whanau, a blanket, and sit back, enjoy and learn. There will be fun activities, kai and the chance to talk to people from a range of organisations that support food resilience in our city.

In partnership with Palmerston North City Council, Manawatū Food Action Network, Kāianga Ora, and Ora Connect.

Find out more here.

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Be inspired, connected and informed through the Future Living Skills Programme.

Next programme starting on Monday 27th March.

A free 8 week programme focused on tips, tricks and solutions for more sustainable living.

Enrol now and start your journey by clicking here

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Give the gift of helping return Kiwi to the Ruahine Range.

As a donation, for a loved one for a special occasion or just to say you care. Gift to support the Ruahine Kiwi Project in our vital mahi to enable the reintroduction of Kiwi by 2026.

Your gift will help resource the ongoing work to significantly decrease predator numbers in the Ruahine Range so endemic bird and plant life can thrive. This in turn will create the right climate for Kiwi to be safely and successfully introduced by 2026 into an area where they have been scarcely seen for many decades.

Find out more at this link.

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    Volunteers checking and re-baiting a trap (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A DOC 200 trap sitting above the clouds in the Ruahine Ranges(image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A volunteer carries a trap into the Ranges (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    Volunteers checking and re-baiting a trap (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A volunteer rests at the top of a long climb (image credit: I. Rasmussen)

Who are we?

Environment Network Manawatū (ENM) is a network of over sixty member organisations that fosters and encourages environmental initiatives in the Manawatū, in areas ranging from sustainable living to wildlife conservation.

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Celebrating volunteering.

​​Susana Figlioli- Green Drinks Palmerston North.IMG-3220.JPG

Susana Figlioli is deeply passionate about learning, and connections with people who understand and believe that we are at one with the natural environment. Originally from Argentina she found herself awed by the unique NZ environment ‘…The magnificence of nature, so accessible here, the bush, ranges, rivers and beach…all powerful, alive, interconnected, wild, enabling, nurturing, wise’. It was this reverence, and the first lockdown that inspired her to start Green Drinks Palmerston North...

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