Would you like to learn more about making submissions?

The Environment Network Manawatu can support its members who wish to make submissions on environmental topics. We have resources available to support both formal submissions under the Resource Management Act, and also more informal submissions in response to a consultation on a draft policy, draft by-law, or a draft annual plan or ten-year plan. 

Routine types of network support available for ENM members wishing to make submissions:

  • We provide email and website notice of currently open consultations and calls for submissions.
  • We can connect members that are interested in making a submission with others in our network who might also have an interest in or knowledge about the topic of that submission.
  • At their request, can share member groups' current submissions and draft submissions as models and stimulants for one another.
  • In consultation of our members, we at times make ENM collective submissions on their behalf. We focus on non-juridical submission processes.
  • We can provide general information and advice on making written and oral submissions.
  • At times, we help bring together our member group representatives and council officers for face-to-face meetings and informal pre-consultation.

Check out this page for current consultations. Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more!

General tips on Making Submissions

In June 2014, the Environment Network Manawatu held a workshop on making submissions for both our members and for the general public. This workshop was facilitated by David Forrest, an independent RMA commissioner. David's presentation included a discussion of differences in submissions made under the Resource Management Act (RMA) and those made under the Local Government Act (LGA). He also provided advice about how to be effective under each, with an emphasis on RMA submissions. Notes based on his presentation are available below.

Additional presenters at this workshop included various council representatives--the recipients of public submissions--and experienced submitters. Below are notes from their presentations.

Current Submission Processes and other Regional and District Council Links

The links below will take you to council feeds that show their current consultations or to council policies that submitters might find helpful for making environmental choices.

Guidelines for Making Submissions

  • RMA information and guides from the Ministry for the Environment which includes information on making Resource Management.
  • The New Zealand Environment Guide. This site has practical information for individuals, community groups, and businesses that want to participate in environmental management processes. Its resources include explanations of the Resource Management Act (RMA) and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), plus more.

 If you know of another link that you think should be added to this list, please send us an email.