Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre

Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as Aotearoa New Zealand’s number one mainland indigenous wildlife sanctuary. It is a place of conservation and restoration, in partnership with Rangitāne and the Department of Conservation. Pest control is carried out, to help bring back the species that once thrived pre-pest introduction. They also work to re-establish populations of native birds across New Zealand, and are actively involved with other national level groups in recovery programmes with species such as Tūturuatu/Shore Plover, Whio, Kākā, Kiwi, Pāteke and Kākāriki.

The Centre is open to the public daily, with talks, tours, workshops and experiences, school holiday programmes and visits for schools, community organisations and other groups. Visit the website for more details.

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85379 State Highway 2, Mount Bruce, Eketahuna 5840

Phone: 06 375-8004

Website: Visit now