Te Ao Turoa (Environmental Advisory Office of Tanenuiarangi Manawatu Inc)

The mandated iwi authority for Rangitāne o Manawatu (ROM) is Tanenuiarangi Manawatu Incorporated (TMI). Te Ao Turoa Environmental Centre which is part of the corporate arm of the Iwi Authority provides an important cultural and educational service to natural resource users, local Councils, and to central Government agents, and is a vital point of contact for the community wanting to access cultural information within our region formally known as Te Tapere Nui a Whatonga (the great playground of Whatonga).

The Te Ao Turoa Enviro-Centre has a broad area over which it administers to management, mitigation, or otherwise minimise, the cultural impacts primarily for resource consents for the Rangitāne o Manawatu iwi. The Rangitāne o Manawatu tribal area or rohe extending from the Southern Bank of the mouth of the Rangitikei River, inland to the Orangipango Trig, in the North East near Ohingaiti. From there in a straight line to Te Hekenga, following the summit along the Ruahine and Tararua Ranges across to the Taramea Trig. From this point it continues westward to the mouth of the Manawatu River, thence northwards along the coast to the mouth of the Rangitikei River. This rohe contains several hundred waahi tapu (culturally significant) sites belonging to the various whanau and hapu who descend from ROM tipuna (ancestors), these waahi tapu sites are held in a cultural database within the Enviro-Centre.

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